Biodegradable Eyebrow Razor For Hair Removal (Pack of 3)

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Multi-functional shaving tool for safe female hair removal (3-pack) environmentally friendly eyebrow trimmer

 Complete set:

Our package contains regular-sized ladies’ razors, which are brand new. The micro blade is covered with a safety guard to prevent cuts and reduce redness. Get a complete makeup bag and show your best condition after perfecting your eyebrows.


Razor size: Length: 15.2cm Width: 1cm 52 teeth macro protector


 how to use:


1) Wash your face with warm water to open pores and skin cells


2) Gently slide the blade down while keeping the blade at a 45 degree angle


3) Remove excess hair from the roots to maintain the new appearance.


4) After finishing the hair removal, wash your face thoroughly


5) After finishing, if you want to carefully clean the sharp edges, dry and add a safety cover, and then put it away, it will be an ideal choice


 Professional tips:


1) After using the razor, moisten the lotion sufficiently to avoid redness.


2) Stretch the skin when chiseling to avoid pinching injury


3) Short stroke and medium pressure


4) Move in the same direction as the hair


5) Sterilize the blade after every shaving


Package contains: 3*brow trimming knife

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